How Restaurants Can Benefit From Self-Service Kiosks

smartphone pre ordering for food


If you need not stand in a queue and interact with a human to get your order, will it be easier? It all depends on personal choice, but it does speed up the order processing at most restaurants and fast food centers. That is why you can now find smartphone pre ordering for food and self payment kiosks Singapore that aim to provide quick and efficient service to their customers. Kiosks are POS integrated electronic ordering system that provides menu as well as ordering and paying via a touchscreen interface. Order processing is super easy in this without any human intervention.

Benefits of Self-service Kiosks:

smartphone pre ordering for food

Increase Revenue: Restaurants can get around 10-30% increment in revenue with this kiosk. This is because there is a better chance of upsell using the kiosk and best items of menu and offers are promoted first on the digital screen.

Increases accuracy: Ordering process is more accurate without any human intervention. It can improve the complete customer service of a restaurant.

Eliminate queues: As ordering process is fast and checkout as well as payment is fast it eliminates queues too.

Reduces cost of labor: As kiosks replace human employees and cashiers, it can reduce the labor costs involved in ordering significantly and it is a one time investment.

Focus on expediting: Employees can focus on serving customers, cooking fast and expediting the sales. This can increase the output of your restaurant.

Showcase offers: This digital screen can showcase you newly launched products, discounts and offers to your customer in a digital manner and improve customer’s loyalty too.