How to stay cool while wearing traditional menswear

If your job or lifestyle require you to regularly wear a suit, summer is probably not your favourite season for fashion, but you can avoid feeling uncomfortable by choosing well.

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Try to avoid wool suits in the warmer months. Instead, opt for a lighter fabric that has an open weave, which is better for ventilation.

Another popular choice for the summer is linen, but it does tend to crease. If you are sitting down for long periods at a time, creasing could be a problem. A good alternative is a cotton linen blend or a wool linen mix, which wrinkles less but still offers a lighter fabric.


If you need to wear a jacket, consider getting one without lining or opt for half or quarter lining, where just some of the jacket is lined.

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Wearing your jacket

If you are in an air-conditioned office, you will be able to wear your jacket when required. However, if you are travelling to and from meetings or are outside on a scorching hot summer day, be bold and undo the buttons.


Cotton is the best fabric for the summer and for looking smart all day long. Airtex is also a good option. It offers a very thin fabric that is great for wearing under a jacket. If you don’t require a tie, opt for a Farah grandad shirt. This modern look is perfect for the summer, and you can get yours from companies such as

Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is perfect for less formal social events and can be worn with or without a jacket, smart chinos and a pair of loafers.

Celebrity Ant McPartlin was seen looking cool and relaxed at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships recently wearing a navy blazer, chinos and a smart shirt.


It may be less popular here in the UK, but in America, some men like to wear a vest under their shirt to protect their clothes from the effects of perspiration. The disadvantage of this is that the extra layer will just increase your body temperature, so if you’re a vest wearer, go without during the summer months.

Extra Tips

Other ways to keep cool include rolling up your sleeves, ditching the tie, undoing your top button and wearing a hat such as a Panama.