Where to purchase mini travel tripods?

Whenever I talk at a digital photography club conference, I constantly bring along some of my toys. Things that I think could interest video camera lovers. A couple of months ago I talked at the Clear Focus Camera Club, a regional club that is extremely energetic. To my surprise, the ‘toy’ that most people wanted was my mini travel tripod. The Ultra pod tripod is a series of genuine tripods complete with operating ball heads. Made of strengthened nylon, they are light and also really small, so there is no justification for not taking it with you.

Tripod Backpacks

Covering the strap around a post or tree makes the tripod more functional. An actually helpful feature on them is the folding legs and Velcro strap. By folding the legs in and also covering the Velcro around the local tree or pole, you now have a video camera support at eye level or where ever before you such as. The best travel tripod under $100 considers about 4 ozs, folds up to around 7.5 ins long and holds my Canon 1D MKII with a 70-200 f2.8 in a pinch. Balancing my heavy equipment at some angles can be an obstacle but I normally discover a way around it, transforming the legs a various direction or moving the sphere head’s facility over the legs a little. I made use of know a trip to France this year, taking much longer direct exposures inside churches, primarily with my 24-70 f2.8, and it worked like a charm. I frequently install the cam to the tripod and they push the legs versus a wall for some added stability.

The smaller sized Ultrapod evaluates just 1.5 ozs and also folds to a simple 4ins long. My spouse uses hers for her Canon S3IS. It even suits her small video camera bag. I acquired my Ultrapod for $25 and my Ultrapod II for $30 in the Vancouver area. I feel they are well worth the money and the small area in your equipment bag. So currently taking a trip light does not imply you need to leave your tripod in your home. So, if you have a bigger electronic camera, you are recommended to opt for a tripod that is made from some sturdy product, not plastic. To stay clear of the drinking of electronic camera when depressing the shutter utilize the usage a cable shutter launch. Otherwise you can make use of the self timer control.