Hong Kong Credit Rating Formula – Yet to know for Loan Lenders

Credit rating is the formulation which is used by the loan lenders. This system was introduced by Fair Isaac Credit Organization (FICO). Then other businesses followed this. A FICO is the system of calculating an individual’s risk to the creditor. The score ranges from 300 to 900 points. Where the score around 900 is thought of as the excellent A score of 300 is treated as large risk holders. The FICO score calculated in numerals is based on certain things like payment history, credit limit available, balance due, period of ownership of the credit car, new credits and forms of credit. Based on these variables credit rating is graded and access or also a record of credit rating is shaped as a way to compute the trustworthiness of the payment of each individual.

credit rating hong kongA number of the credit ratings are:

  • Above 700 – Outstanding. Lenders will have no problems on sanctioning a loan in which the score is over 700.
  • Between 680 and 699 – This will come under the category Great. Where the creditors will have no difficulty in lending you loan because just 1 point is there between credit.
  • Between 620 and 679 – This is the Okay category. It is better since your score is close to 679. If it drops near 620 your authenticity is considered being average. Here you might need to endow with income statements or professional references and documentation on confirmation of the occupation and click¬†http://www.cbil.com.hk/en-us/backgroundCheck to get more details.
  • Between 580 and 619 – it is still not in the Bad category list yet, but you are on its verge. Here you might need to pay additional rate of interest for your loan. You may plan on enhancing the score.
  • Beneath 499 – Take a pause and take a while to pay off debt. Clean up because with this score you can be taken for a ride 21, and await the occasion.

Your credit rating hong kong score has a In predicting you are to repay your accountability role. Consequently, lenders utilize credit rating to choose whether or not to sanction you the cash.