Ways to use google analytics to track marketing efforts

Google Analytics and web analysis tools that were similar, the doors are opened to an entire universe of study and measurement. Google Analytics will automatically monitor traffic coming from Ad Words PPC, other search engines, and testimonials from other websites anyone coming at your website with a link from a different domainĀ  and we are not talking only visit numbers here There’s an unbelievable amount of detail available to Analytics users who requires no effort. Things like even, and bounce rate earnings your customers’ location and internet connection speed are recorded. This Is Fantastic Information, but what about offline advertising efforts Traditional markets like radio, print, and television advertisements offer numbers such as potential audience vulnerability to supply a general idea of how many people you will reach.


But would not it be good to know how many people really watched your commercial Or better still, how many individuals watched you are commercial and then purchased something from you It’d be good to say, Well, our website got tons of high quality traffic from our TV commercial during Seinfeld, but we got nothing from our place during The Andy Griffith Show. The issue here is obvious: people that watch The Andy Griffith Show do not own computers. And how about measuring advertising and marketing campaigns that are pulled into your Google Analytics interface By way of instance, did you know that if you are running sponsored aspic in Yahoo or MSN without implementing appropriate tracking procedures, all that incoming traffic is being monitored as referral or direct traffic How do you tell if spending 500 per month in Yahoo is creating traffic

We’ve got some tools at our disposal here are three simple steps to take to monitor non Google sourced traffic: Particular landing pages. Frankly, this is best practice for any advertising effort Driving customers to a particular page rather than your homepage is a great idea anyway, and here is why: Tracking and Analysis. The simplest way to study theĀ direct traffic in Google analytics success of advertising campaigns would be to pull people to a particular domain or page that accessible from anyplace and advertised in a location. By way of example, you run Fruits Juice dot com. You may run a magazine advertisement in Fruit Juice Enthusiast Monthly that urges people to go to BananaKoolAid dot com a website especially promoting banana fruit juice. You will know if this magazine is ideal for your advertisement as you promoted this site in one location.