Support for the Medical Studies in Pakistan


the renowned philanthropist Bashir Dawood could successfully provide the monumental support in the form of the contribution that actually worked in the medical field. With his support there could be a launch of the first dedicated organ transplant centre, with this, there is also a possibility to go with one integration of numerous surgical facilities all of which can be accessed from the AKUH in Karachi.donate

Advanced medical sciences and Equipment

One can choose to get the best possible and top-tier neurosurgery from the hospital which is enough innovative to give the patients a proper treatment which is also affordable. The contribution of the funds could get the hospital important equopmemys like the NeurobioticExoscope, Penetero Microscope, Deep Brain Stimulation device all of which could be made affordable with the donations made by Bashir Dawood.

Inauguration by SIUT for the Bashir Dawood Operation as well as Transplant Complex

SIUT inaugurated the all-new operation and transplant theatre right at Karachi. The dream could be made possible with the contribution made by Bashir Dawood .presentlu, SIUT has about 35 modern dialysis machines which can mark important progress in the country. There was also the contribution of the waiving medical fee that could prove to become good. There is also a service in the form of the free of cost treatment for the for trodden sects of the society. He also donated funds for the entire dialysis centre, operation theatre along with all the equipment.