Best rated cooling mattress pad to reach your needs

Worried about a good night’s sleep this summer? Do not worry; we bring to you the list of best-rated cooling mattress pads from mattress manufacturer Singapore. These products are tried, tested and reviewed to provide you with amazing comfort and cooling even on hot summer days. What else, in winters it can regulate as per your body temperature and release heat if you are feeling cold? So check out this product and indulge yourself in comfort and luxury with a soft and plush cooling mattress pad.

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LUCID Down Alternative Memory Foam Mattress Topper

It is a dual layer mattress which is having two inches of convoluted foam. it can be customized by infusing gel in the foam as per the comfort. Upper or down at any place it can fill the foam. The level of softness can be adjusted by inverting or altering the topper of the convoluted side of gel memory foam. The down layered are box-stitched will ensure the consistent loft and breathability. The convoluted design of the foam improves the airflow. Also the cooling gel material help to improve the temperature. The 250 thread count of the cotton cover is easily removable. It can also be a wash in the machine and it is also safe in the dryer. It is coming with 3 months of warranty.

This mattress is having LUCID foam at down and the topper is made up of gel memory. The pure cotton cover will help to sleep in a flexible way. The gel memory foam will help in relieving the pressure from the body. The down alternative side which is box-stitched will maintain the hypoallergenic fill.