Various methods to discover copy editing

Anyone can be a Copy editing Editor or Proofreader. It is true that lots of copy editing editors have college degrees with an English Major. Or at the very least, they have taken many of English classes. But, having a degree isn’t a requirement for being a copy editing editor. The sole requirement is a good, not a good, grasp of the English language. There are lots of successful copies editing editors now, who have taken some courses, but have no degree. Those editors have an excellent grasp of the language. Be careful though. There are lots of perplexing properties of the English language. There are lots of distinct elements to a sentence, a paragraph, and a whole paper. It is important to understand about spelling and capitalization; but it is just as important to know when to use a comma versus a semicolon, and what exactly a dangling modifier is.

If you believe that just because you use a program that checks spelling and grammar, you are all set how to copyedited my book. These programs are limited in their capabilities. They cannot assess a writer’s intonation, intended purpose, or desirable result. These programs often check to make sure a word is spelled correctly, but cannot determine if it is the appropriate term to use in a statement. For Instance, the sentence below was indicated as correct using a spelling/grammar checking program

You can probably find the error, but these so-called expert programs can’t. And in case you cannot see the difference, then walk, no run to the closest door Seriously Though, I read an article awhile back that suggested only using apps with spelling/grammar checkers. The article suggested that this could be all you will need to place a professional record on the Web document significance post or web page. I ‘m in no way saying you should not use these programs. I use them all the time, but just as a backup source. I rely on my own understanding of this language to edit a record. Yet, I digress. If you are thinking about becoming a copy editing editor or proofreader, I applaud you. There is nothing like the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone provide an expert edited file for publication. If you have gone to print already, learn from your mistakes and go work with someone reputable to get your book in the best shape possible. Print the one that is great. Send one to me, together with your new one, so I can show people the distinction that professionals can make in creating a book. The rest make decent fuel for a marshmallow roast in celebration of the completion of your new edition.