What Vehicle Does the Army Want at Reconnaissance Car?

The jeep history can Have started from the Army of a single car on March 22, 1933 together with the procurement. This 1 car was thoroughly analyzed at Fort Benning, GA. Lt. E.P. Hogan, Quartermaster Corps credits analyzing of the car because the forerunner of pilot versions of this 1/4-ton truck. It had been an open two-seated business passenger automobile. The car was pushed out of Ft. Benning up to Fort McPherson. The Army what it might expect of a vehicle was shown by testing of the car. The vehicle was salvaged. The Chief of Infantry has been Calling for a lightweight automobile to be utilized as a weapon and ammunition carrier. The automobile was needed by the Chief for experiments and evaluations as quickly as possible.

armored kozak vehicle

Now, the Infantry was not certain if the automobile are a track-laying automobile capable of motion across state and on streets at tank rate, requiring just modification of industrial vehicles with Armoured Trucks & Armoured Vehicles. The vehicle is going to need to be capable of carrying a loading of 1100lbs.  Around this time a Captain Howie developed the Howie-Wiley Belly Flopper under the leadership of Brigadier General Walter C. Short, Assistant Commandant of the Infantry School. The overall required that the automobile be assembled for the sole purpose of transporting two guys, a quality 30 machine gun, tripod, and compost. Other demands included:

  • The gun not is mounted for shooting from the provider.
  • The automobile be mild enough for four men to lift it into a 1 1/2-ton truck and over little barriers.
  • The automobile present as low a shape as you can–sacrificing ground clearance consequently, if needed.
  • That size is this it may be carried from the 1 1/2-sized truck issued to machine-gun businesses.
  • That rate was no thing–as low as 10mph maximum will be adequate.
  • Those units are commercially accessible as much as you can.

Captain Howie was assisted from the Building of the automobile by Master Sergeant M.C. Wiley, a specialist mechanic and tanker. Sergeant G. L. Rush helped in the final meeting of this Automobile created from units that were salvaged. It was a light weight car; The ground clearance was low and the team lay down to function The car or truck. While the automobile May Have proved invaluable in localized Areas, it might have been necessary to have been it Would be required for actions. Not fitting what the Infantry required.